Braces During Pregnancy (7 EXPERT FACTS FOR SOON TO BE MOMS)

Braces during pregnancy. Fixing teeth crooked teeth or correcting improper bite is orthodontics. Braces and clear aligners help with the alignment of teeth. When a woman is pregnant, her body undergoes various changes. These do not obstruct teeth alignment. But it is important for a pregnant woman to know the facts before undergoing treatment. In this post, we’ll take you through orthodontics while pregnant. After which, you’ll be wiser and ready for action. Let’s get started.



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People Also Ask

  • Can you go to the orthodontist while pregnant?

It is perfectly safe to undergo orthodontic treatment. It is important to let any practitioner know of your status. This way the treatment can be changed to suit any changes in the body and health of pregnant women.

  • Can you get Invisalign while pregnant?

Yes. It is widely agreed by all dental and orthodontic experts that Invisalign treatment while pregnant is completely safe.

  • Can you give birth with braces?

Yes. There is no reason that braces will affect birth or pregnancy overall. Some dental issues will need addressing during the pregnancy. But nothing major.

Braces During Pregnancy

The wonderful purpose of pregnancy is to accommodate the growing fetus. Done by ensuring proper growth and nutrition. This means you must consult a specialist before medical treatment, regardless of how trivial it seems.

Below are the reasons why some expectant women shy away from an orthodontic treatment plan. And whether this treatment plan is safe during such periods.

Why Expectant Women Shy Away from Braces?

Pregnant women tend to become conscious of their bodies. Most of the body changes they undergo are uncomfortable to them. And they become choosy with what they select to add to their appearance. No one likes braces, and those bold enough to wear them usually understand that it is for their own good.

Expectant women can view braces as things that worsen their already awkward looks. Convincing these women otherwise can prove to be quite a task. Hence, many finish their terms without receiving any orthodontic care.

  • Due to the imbalance of hormones in the body, the gums usually swell, and teeth become loose. So, it is uncomfortable for a pregnant lady to wear braces as they usually have a tight grip. Even when loosened the discomfort of swollen gums.
  • Pregnancy causes some women to develop inflammation in the gums. You may notice a dental phenomenon called pregnancy tumors. This is nothing dangerous or malignant. It is just temporary excessive swelling that occurs in between your teeth.
  • Nerves become more sensitive during pregnancy. This can make wearing braces a painful experience. Painkillers are not an option to consider here. As doctors usually discourage their use. All this may seem too much for an expectant lady to bear, so many of them choose to avoid orthodontic treatment.
  • For patients who wish to withstand discomfort, regular visits to an orthodontist are a must. This adds to the already expensive time. Most expectant women also prefer to put money aside in preparation for the arrival of their babies.
  • X-rays often scare pregnant women. Be rest assured the exposure is not harmful to the mother or baby.

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Importance of Treatment to Women in Pregnancy

Maintaining good hygiene during pregnancy is imperative to avoid things like gum disease. This not only applies to the surrounding environment but also to one’s body. Care for oral hygiene is particularly important during such a time due to various changes that occur in an expectant woman’s body.

  • The morning sickness experienced when expectant exposes the teeth to acid. This may corrode them and even cause a slight change in their color. Besides, tooth decay is another major problem that arises when the acid is not cleaned. Regular visits to the dentist help to prevent this issue.
  • If you are going for orthodontic treatment before their pregnancy, you NEED to keep going. It is a way of ensuring that one does not neglect her body because some changes are taking place. Also, it helps with keeping depression at bay during such periods.
  • Expectant women usually gain a lot of weight. It changes the size of their face and mouth. Braces might become too tight and cause discomfort and pain. Notifying the orthodontist when one becomes pregnant is crucial. With this, they will schedule an appointment for review and collection of a new mold of one’s mouth and teeth.
  • During orthodontic treatment, it is critical that your orthodontist knows your status. They can tell an expectant woman on the types of food she should consume to avoid any teeth or gum problems. The foods recommended are vegetables and fruits. The ones discouraged are sugary and salty items. In the long-run, it promotes the general health of the body.

The morning sickness experienced when expectant exposes the teeth to acid.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

There are numerous benefits pregnant women can get from orthodontic care, and they include:

  • Improving Self-Esteem

People with crooked teeth usually avoid talking to others or even smiling at them. It makes them awkward. They shy away from things like participating in conversations, addressing crowds. Also, answering questions in public settings because of their teeth.

Such people tend to have very few friends, and this might even lead to depression. A tooth alignment treatment makes one feel beautiful. It also makes one smile more as they are no longer self-conscious. And they are also capable of exploring their social potential to the fullest.

  • Pregnancy and the Braces Diet

When one’s bite is off, it can influence how they eat, especially in public. It discourages an individual from enjoying any particular meal when amongst people. Visiting an orthodontist can help determine the cause of the malocclusion. They can identify an appropriate way to improve it.

  • Cost-Effective

Orthodontic treatment is affordable. Other techniques like plastic surgery need a lot of money. The procedure is expensive, and the aftercare also requires money.

  • A Safe Process

Orthodontic treatment does not use steroids or anesthetics. It is, thus, an appropriate procedure for everyone including expectant women. One does not have to worry about adverse side effects that may occur after treatment. It enables the patient to focus on the results, which are positive for both mother and baby.

In Conclusion

The only negative part of orthodontic treatment is a little discomfort. Which women in pregnancy may feel when their gums start swelling. Informing the orthodontist as soon as a woman realizes she is expectant, she can go for a change of the braces.
This article shows that orthodontic care has many benefits. And is safe for pregnant women. And also the ones who experience teeth problems after becoming pregnant. To start on the road to a gold standard smile with Dr. Schulhof,
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