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The Illuminate Orthodontic Podcast

Check out this episode from The Illuminate Orthodontic Podcast, where Dr. Schulhof discusses his dental education journey, how he came up with the idea for Grin, Grin’s partnership with Procter & Gamble, and so much more.

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Orthodontic Practice US

Using combination treatment plans allows Dr. Adam Schulhof to approach appliances like menu options — let him whet your appetite for this approach that can result in more predictable results for your patients’ treatment, as well as setting your practice apart.

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BNN Bloomberg

The COVID-19 pandemic had transformed many in-person activities into remote services delivered over the internet. This article discusses the utilization of GRIN and how technology will help orthodontists diagnose problems before they even show up.

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Dentaltown | Dentistry Uncensored

Dr. Schulhof discusses the use of remote treatment for Orthodontic patients with Howard Farran. These digital tools allow doctors to virtually reach into their patients’ mouths—which are the key to healthy teeth at scale. Adam guides Grin’s orthodontic vision, oversees appliance creation, and spearheads industry partnerships.

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Bloomberg Quicktake

Enter: Grin. In the short-term, the technology will help orthodontists keep their businesses running while many patients avoid the dentist’s office completely. As smartphone capabilities improve and the software develops, Dr. Schulhof expects Grin’s scope to use artificial intelligence image analysis to become a more powerful diagnostic tool for dentists.

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Dr. Adam Schulhof, the co-founder and CEO of digital orthodontics platform Grin, discusses the company’s new funding round, which includes Procter & Gamble. Check out this CNBC Television feature for more information.

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