Clarity Advanced by 3M

You always want clarity when making big decisions, like when deciding what type of braces to get. One clear option that stands head and shoulders above the rest is Clarity Advanced by 3M. It offers a perfect alternative to traditional metal braces. Instead of unsightly metal brackets bonded onto the front of each tooth, Clarity Advanced uses ceramic brackets which deliver the same or better results while offering a more discreet appearance.

The benefits of Clarity Advanced

Clarity Advanced by 3M provides you with many astounding benefits. These clinically proven advancements give them an edge over the competition. These include:

  • Low profile ceramic bracket design which lead to a better aesthetic appearance.
  • They fit smaller and closer to your teeth allowing more room between the bracket and your gum line. Ultimately this causes less tissue irritation.
  • They are designed specifically to blend in, matched to your natural tooth shade.
  • The special ceramic is also stain resistant and won’t discolor over the course of your orthodontic treatment. You will feel confident smiling in your braces with Clarity’s smaller color matched brackets.
  • They’re built to show less metal with overall better looks and increased comfort.

With strength to match their beauty and the ability to work flexibly in many treatment scenarios, Clarity doesn’t sacrifice on performance.

Treatment with Clarity

In addition to brilliant aesthetics, Clarity delivers faster treatment times. When you first get your braces, brackets are bonded to your teeth and the wire is placed. In traditional braces, this can be a lengthy and uncomfortable procedure. The process with Clarity Advanced involves a revolutionary bonding process that’s faster, efficient, and more comfortable.

During treatment, after the initial placement of your braces, Dr. Schulhof and his team will be able to make full use of the advanced technology Clarity Advanced has to offer. Their design allows for flexible treatment options catering to many unique orthodontic circumstances. At the end of the treatment, braces and bracket removal is easy and comfortable with predictable results.

Achieve Clarity with your orthodontist

When working with advanced orthodontic technology you want the most knowledgeable and skilled providers. This is why you need to visit with a specialized orthodontist. They will guide you toward achieving the very best results while you take advantage of all the benefits that Clarity Advanced has to offer. If you’re looking for a comfortable and successful treatment outcome it pays to visit the professionals at The Schulhof Center. Dr. Adam Schulhof, our expert orthodontist, will guide you through the process on your journey to a more confident smile, so get in touch and book your consultation today.