Lingual Braces

Achieve Straight Teeth Invisibly With Lingual Braces Incognito®

Once upon a time, undergoing a straightening treatment meant committing to metal braces for an extended period of time. While these braces are highly effective when it comes to straightening misaligned teeth, not everyone is thrilled about their obvious appearance.

Luckily, today we have Incognito® braces. Board-certified orthodontist Dr. Adam Schulhof is a leader in the world of orthodontics and has extensive experience and expertise when it comes to helping patients achieve beautifully straight teeth with this unique and highly discreet straightening method.

What Are Incognito® Lingual Braces?

In recent years, technological advancements have allowed patients to choose from several options when it comes to the method in which they achieve straight teeth. Many adults who want to achieve straight teeth without the appearance of “metal mouth” opt for Invisalign, a series of plastic aligner trays that subtly shift teeth into alignment. However, Invisalign has limitations. For one thing, it cannot fix teeth that are severely misaligned. Invisalign also depends on the responsibility of the wearer as the trays are removable.

Luckily, Incognito braces are another discreet way to straighten teeth and can treat even the most severe cases of misalignment. Also known as lingual braces, this straightening method works just like traditional braces without the appearance of metal on the surface of the teeth. That’s because the wires and brackets are applied to the back of the teeth, leaving the front of the teeth free of the appearance of braces.

With Incognito braces, patients don’t have to worry about taking their straightening device out throughout the day like they do with Invisalign. Once the braces have been applied to the back of the teeth, they are there to stay.

Incognito Lite Braces – Fast But Discreet

There are various types of lingual braces. Are you interested in straightening your front teeth, correcting minor orthodontic problems like slight crowding or crookedness, but really don’t want the look and feel of traditional braces? Then know there are more discrete options available.

Incognito Lite Braces are a hidden braces option that doesn’t sacrifice on effectiveness, instead providing only fast, beautiful results.

What Are Incognito Lite Braces?

Incognito Lite is a system of Lingual Braces. This means they’re securely attached with brackets to the back-side of each tooth being treated.

They remain hidden from view and protected from any damage when eating, drinking, or talking. Incognito Lite Braces are slim and custom-made to fit your mouth.

This individual custom fit provides increased comfort and minimal irritation, giving the user peace-of mind. In essence they allow you to make minimal changes to your smile without dealing with many of the issues normally associated with traditional braces.

Why Dr. Schulhof?

Dr. Schulhof has a unique level of expertise when it comes to straightening teeth with Incognito braces. He has spent many years training hundreds of orthodontists around the world on how to use this unique technology.

At the Schulhof Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics in New York, patients wishing to straighten their teeth with lingual braces will have access to a customized straightening treatment created by one of the world’s most qualified orthodontists to use this technology.

The Process of Ligual Braces Incognito®

During your consultation, Dr. Schulhof will examine your unique orthodontic situation and determine the best way to help you achieve the results that you desire. He will take a digital mold of your bite that will be used to create your customized braces. This digital mold will ensure that the braces fit comfortably and that they are extremely effective.

When it’s time to have your braces applied, Dr. Schulhof will apply a bonding material to the back of your teeth. This bonding material will be used to place each bracket into the correct location. Then, he will attach the wires that hold the brackets together and apply the necessary pressure to ensure that the teeth align properly over time. Throughout the duration of your treatment, you will visit Dr. Schulhof regularly to ensure that your teeth are shifting properly.

Options For Lingual Braces NJ

Here at the Schulhof Center, patients have a variety of teeth-straightening options to choose from so they can find a treatment that works best for them. One of the most discreet types of braces patients can choose is lingual braces. Lingual braces are different from traditional styles of braces because they bond to the back of the teeth instead of the front.

This allows the patient to smile as usual without feeling self-conscious about their braces since the hardware is hidden behind their teeth. While lingual braces are generally more challenging to install and have been known to be more uncomfortable than traditional braces, advances in technology have made lingual braces easier on patients and orthodontists. Today, we have the advantage of Incognito and InBrace lingual braces technology.

What Is InBrace?

InBrace is the latest technological advancement in lingual braces. Developed by orthodontists, InBraces utilizes computer modeling and artificial intelligence inside a Smartwire molded to your teeth to shift them into correct alignment. The wire is made of smart memory alloy. To shift your teeth as comfortably as possible, the Smartwire is programmed with Gentleforce.

InBrace lingual braces treat the same kinds of problems that traditional braces fix, including overcrowding, overbite, underbite, spaces between teeth, crossbite, open bite, and crookedness.

How Does InBrace Work?

InBrace is a revolutionary technology that gives patients more benefits than ever before with lingual braces. So, how does the process work?

  • Toothprint

First, a 3D model of your teeth and gums allows us to create and personalize a Smartwire just for you. The programming is set to give you the smile you desire.

  • CoDesign

We will then CoDesign your ideal smile so the Smartwire and Gentleforce technology moves your teeth into place over time until treatment is complete.

  • Fitting

The final step is fitting the Smartwire to the back of your teeth, which is less challenging than fitting traditional lingual braces. Don’t worry about your appearance. The Smartwire is completely hidden behind your teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of InBrace?

Compared to other types of braces, InBrace lingual braces have more benefits to patients that will make their lives more convenient during treatment.

  • No Dietary Restrictions

With traditional braces, patients would have to avoid several different foods over the course of their treatment. InBrace, however, does not require dietary restrictions so you can eat or drink what you want whenever you want.

  • Fewer Follow-Up Appointments

The Autopilot feature on InBrace tightens your Smartwire as treatment progresses so you won’t have to visit the orthodontist for tightenings. This means fewer appointments and more time doing what you want to do. At the very least, patients will need to visit Dr. Schulhof every 8-10 weeks to make sure their treatment is on track.

  • More Confidence

The Smariwire is hidden behind your teeth, so you smile with confidence knowing no one will see your hardware, even up close and personal.

  • Shorter Treatment Length

Traditional braces treatments take around 12-18 to complete, but InBrace treatment is shorter at 6-18 months. Of course, the length of treatment depends on the severity of your misalignment.

  • Easier To Clean

InBrace allows patients to brush and floss normally.

How Much Does InBrace Cost?

You won’t have to pay extra for InBrace because it costs about the same as traditional lingual braces at between $6,000 and $7,000 on average. Dental insurance will cover at least part of the cost and affordable monthly payment plans are available.

Why Dr. Adam Schulhof ?

Dr. Adam Schulhof has years of experience providing lingual braces to patients. Not only does he provide Incognito lingual braces, he now offers InBrace as well. In fact, Dr. Schulhof has so much expertise in providing lingual braces that he even trains other orthodontists to do it. He is a leading lingual braces provider. That means patients are getting the best orthodontist to provide them with lingual braces, whether it’s traditional lingual braces, Incognito, or InBrace.

Dr. Schulhof will examine your teeth to determine if lingual braces are right for you. It’s then just a matter of choosing which type of lingual braces you want. Each patient gets a unique treatment plan so they can get the smile they desire.

InBrace The Future

InBrace technology is the future of lingual braces treatment, and the future is already here. The Schulhof Center proudly offers InBrace to patients in Bergen County and surrounding communities in New Jersey. For a free consultation to see if InBrace is right for you, call our office at 551-231-5323 today!