iTero Intraoral Scanner

iTero Intraoral Scanner- The Best Technology For Individualized Orthodontics

You use the most advanced technology in every aspect of life, so why not expect the same from your orthodontist with the iTero Intraoral Scanner!

With all the options available right at your fingertips, how do you choose the best orthodontic team that will work with you using the most advanced tools to achieve the confident smile you’ve been searching for? Look no further than The Schulhof Center.

Our office is equipped with the most cutting edge equipment, advanced technologies, and of course our highly skilled orthodontist, Dr. Adam Schulhof.

Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD

When you come to our office and meet Dr. Schulhof, you’ll immediately feel you’re in safe and experienced hands. Dr. Schulhof is passionate about orthodontics. He strives to exceed expectations and loves working with his patients. In his individualized approach, Dr. Schulhof uses advanced systems in imaging and computer graphics.

He’s an industry leader in Lingual Braces, a top provider of Incognito Lingual Braces, and an expert working with 3M and iTero technologies.

Dr. Schulhof specializes in using this advanced technology to cater your orthodontic treatment to your specific requirements, providing the best results and delivering total satisfaction.

Digital Imaging Technologies

One of the digital imaging techniques frequently used by Dr. Schulhof is the iTero Intraoral Scanner. The iTero scanner is an advanced digital impression system. It takes accurate and highly detailed color images of your teeth and gums producing a digital model of your mouth.

This model can then be used to plan your individualized treatment and utilized as a tool to demonstrate and explain the treatment process. This allows you to review your orthodontic treatment options chair-side. While reviewing your iTero scan, Dr Schulhof can answer any questions you may have, show you how you’ll progress, and will also be able to give you a simulation of your future smile.

So How Does the Process Work?

During your consultation Dr. Schulhof will use the slim iTero scanning wand, comfortably moving it around your mouth while it takes images. As it does so, it pieces them together on the screen into a detailed model. This takes the place of the outdated impression system of biting into sticky material.

It also produces a much more detailed final product. While Dr. Schulhof is scanning, you can easily pause and take a break or ask a question. Following scanning, you’ll see first hand both your final digital impression and a simulation of your potential smile post treatment.

The Benefits of the iTero Intraoral Scanner Include:

  • Speed – Less time taking impressions and more appointment time to discuss treatment/answer questions.
  • Color 3D visualization at the chair
  • Increased comfort – No more sticky material to bite into
  • Accurate, detailed 3D impression eliminates need for any retakes

Are You Ready to See Your New Smile?

Come and visit us at The Schulhof Center. After you see the technology in action, you’ll feel confident that the smile you’ve always wanted awaits you.