Direct-to-Consumer Clear Aligners | 9 REASONS TO AVOID THEM

What are direct-to-consumer clear aligners? There is a new style of orthodontic technology that is becoming increasingly popular. It is based on the Invisalign clear aligner bracing method revolution that has shaped millions of smiles across the globe. Alas, the problem with this new fangled thing is the consumer will receive the aligners in the mail and miss out on trained analysis skills and the keen eye of an expert orthodontist. This article will take you through why direct-to-consumer clear aligners are a dangerous new step for those seeking a beautiful smile. Let’s get cracking.


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Risks of Direct-to-Consumer Aligners

In short, when seeking orthodontic treatment, you will need an expert to guide you through the stages of change and to know what is happening inside your mouth. It may seem strange but an expert orthodontist knows your teeth better than you.

There are risks to behold when considering direct to consumer orthodontics. Largely, these risks stem from inaccuracy in mold taking, this then leads to ill-fitting aligners then onward to imperfect alignment of the teeth. Which when all things are considered, is the opposite of your goal.


Quality Issues

The quality of the mold taken, product, and the result all differ massively between direct-to-consumer braces and in-house expert-derived treatment plan. The mold, when using direct-to-consumer is done at home, more than likely in your bathroom. You are not experienced in mold taking as the orthodontic assistant teams are, you will find the mold is not exact.

This leads to the product (aligner) not fitting as it should, thus leading to a bad result (unstraight smile.) Finally, you will notice from the Invisalign product you get from an in-house expert, that the aligner is precision-molded to your exact tooth line whereas mail-order aligners through your door are just cut simply straight across the top and bottom edge.


Why Choose in-house

Firstly, orthodontists train for many years in both dental and further education in things like craniofacial biology. They are experts in all things oral health. An expert orthodontist who has been practicing the craft for years, combining past experiences and learned techniques to establish where your teeth will move and can envision the final result.

This, plus advice on all things hygiene and oral health. Plus, any orthodontic office worth its salt will have an enthusiastic team from the reception upward. Besides, You will have the same professional throughout the treatment process, Finally, they will have all the latest equipment for scanning, fitting, and post-care retainer fitting.


Some Questions to Consider When Deciding on Treatment

  • Do treatment and fee include X-rays of your teeth and jaws?
  • Are the treatment and fee inclusive of a clinical examination of your jaw alignment, teeth, bite, and the relationship of your teeth to the skeletal structures?
  • The treatment and fee include taking photographs of your face, facial profile, mouth, and teeth?
  • The treatment and fee include taking digital scans or other impressions of your teeth?


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Time Scale of Treatment

Are in-house orthodontics faster than direct-to-consumer aligners?  With in-house treatment, you can have resin attachments fitted to the teeth to speed up the process. Plus, the treatment time will be as described by the expert orthodontist. With direct-to-consumer aligners, the nature of the final product may mean you need further action.


What About Problems

When it comes to issues or emergencies during treatment, there are many things to consider. Will there be an expert orthodontist to help or rectify an issue with your teeth. And if so whom. Plus what happens and where can you get emergency treatment if your aligners fail or another issue emerges. Is your professional easily contactable?


What About Other Options?

You can arrange different types of bracing methods. But if you wish to follow the clear aligner route, you only have expert orthodontists or direct-to-consumer to choose from.

Choosing other options like traditional braces is possible. This means the old fashioned metal bracket and wires are used. You can get tooth-colored brackets these days to minimize visibility. Also, lingual braces are fitted to the back of teeth to eliminate visibility altogether.


What About After Care

After your treatment is complete, you will need to wear a retainer. With Direct-to-Consumer aligners this is completely missing. Your retainer will be fitted and treated by an expert orthodontist, so you can go off and be confident your new smile you worked so hard on will remain.


Oral Health During Treatment

When undergoing bracing treatment your mouth undergoes many changes. Your gums and teeth move. Orthodontic treatment involves the movement of biological material. If this is not supervised or done correctly leads to a possible irreversible and very expensive damage such as tooth and gum loss, changed bites, and other issues.


The AAO Opinion

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is very worried about Direct-to-Consumer braces. They do not conform to any industry standards and fall short when patient issues arise. The AAO site lack of supervision as the main concern among others.



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Direct-to-Consumer Clear Aligners | 9 REASONS TO AVOID THEM