Invisalign Teen is here. Teens have a fun lifestyle full of what they love. They also have emotions and things like crooked teeth may have their peers poke fun at them. And anyone with a teen will know, that just won’t do. Invisalign aligners are an easy use orthodontic braces treatment that has taken the teen world by storm. Nearly invisible, removable, and non-injurious during sports. They deserve to be a hit amongst the youth set. In this post, we’ll show you 5 quick facts about Invisalign Teen and why you should consider it if your teen needs ortho treatment. Let’s get looking.

Why Invisalign Teen?

Well, the ease of life with the aligners is key. Then you can thank the near-invisible style for helping self-esteem. Then there is the lack of pain and bloody gums. For the parents, there is an indicator to prove compliance and full wearing of the devices. Then there are the payment schedules for spreading the cost. More on that later, for now, let’s get stuck into these below.

Oral care

Teens need to clean and floss whether they like it or not. You remember the struggles too. With Invisalign Teen, you need not worry about your teen missing vital oral care and gathering nasties that will bring pain and cost to your door.

Removable and washable they clip in and out in easy style. You’ll find some teens need attachments fitted to some teeth, so your teen needs to be sure to clean around them.

QUICK FACT: You don’t need any special gadgets to clean teeth during treatment. You can just carry on as normal.

Blue Dot Indicator

With the Blue Dot Indicator, you and your orthodontist can check how much wearing has been done. This will keep the youngsters on their toes. It also helps to spot when a new aligner is due. This is called an erupter tab.

QUICK FACT: Wearing the aligners 22 hours a day is the recommended protocol. Hard at first then easy.


With this treatment, the pain of old-school braces just does not happen.  The aligners push instead of pulling and are made with precision materials. Traditional braces also cut gums and leave swelling. The aligners fit well and need no painful tightening at the office.

QUICK FACT: Using chewies helps seat the aligners on the teeth when placing them. Chew for about 5 minutes for maximum effect.

No Speech Issues

With traditional braces, the wearer would find speech issues after fitting and tightening. Also, the issues will remain during the whole treatment just less than after tightening. This means you can go out and be confident that you won’t embarrass yourself in conversation.

QUICK FACT: Saliva plays a big part in oral cleansing. Your mouth will seem dry when first wearing them. After a while, you will not notice.

Your teeth will be sensitive for sure.

Glorious Food

Your teen needs LOTs of energy to be a teen. All that gusto needs fuel. Invisalign Teen is popular because of the removability factor. This means your teen can take out the aligners during mealtime and eat whatever they want. Traditional braces meant avoiding foods like nuts, gum, and toffee. While you can eat whatever you like it is recommended that you stick with soft foods first so as not to cause unnecessary issues. Your teeth will be sensitive for sure.

QUICK FACT: Clean teeth well with brushing, flossing mouthwash before putting them back in. Have a timer if you need to ensure your hours or compliance are met.


Self-esteem will never be an added issue with Invisalign Teen. There is ample evidence of teens wanting these aligners purely from the invisible factor.

Paying for Invisalign is easy. Most providers will allow interest-free payment schedules over the span of the treatment time. Ask the provider before agreeing to treatment.



At The Shulhof Center, our patients receive the orthodontic treatment they deserve. All in a fun, professional, and friendly atmosphere. If your teen needs a perfect smile to carry them through life, call Dr. Shulhof to assess them for Invisalign Teen. He would love to assist you with all your orthodontic needs. Call any of our amazing team today to set up an appointment time.

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