LightForce Braces

Innovations continue to happen in any field to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the people. We’re thankful that orthodontic advancement never stops—and the LightForce Braces system is a leader in that. At The Schulhof Center in Oradell, we take advantage of this technology to provide our patients with a brief, comfortable, and effective treatment for teeth misalignment problems.

Technology Behind LightForce Braces System

LightForce Braces are built on advances in orthodontic technique and technology. Launched only in 2019, they use a 3D-printed bracket system that is specifically designed to move teeth quickly and precisely. It aims to reduce treatment time, discomfort, and the need for multiple visits.

LightForce brackets are created using a digital impression of the patient’s mouth that is used to create each specific bracket. They are designed to perfectly fit the contour of your every tooth, creating a more effective force to move them. While traditional braces use general brackets for all patients, the LightForce brackets are made to administer movement in a more precise and planned way.

Creating Your LightPlan

Every orthodontic treatment begins with a plan. With LightForce Braces, it’s a paradigm shift in terms of how our orthodontist plans each bracket. While it’s different from how we map out traditional braces, it resembles plastic aligner treatment planning. In other words, LightForce Braces are planned with the end in mind.

First, our orthodontist will get a digital impression of your teeth. Yes—that means no goopy material! Then, the image is loaded into the software, allowing us to view 3D images of your mouth. Getting a precise view of your teeth helps us create a custom treatment plan.

A LightPlan includes a series of movements that are programmed into the brackets. Each movement is targeted to reposition your teeth as comfortably and efficiently as possible. With this technology, it’s easier to make adjustments based on several factors. This makes sure that your treatment plan is tailored to fit you perfectly and with the best results.

You will discover how long your treatment will take and how often you’ll need to come in for adjustments. The Schulhof Center orthodontist is also going to discuss your case, how you can maintain your braces, what kind of diet you should have, and how much your treatment is going to cost.

Installing LightForce Brackets

Aside from its digital technology in terms of planning and 3D printing the brackets, LightForce Braces also ensure a quick and precise installation. They are placed using LightTrays. These are also 3D-printed trays that resemble the shape of your teeth, so the brackets fit perfectly and securely in place.

LightTrays are proven to reduce the time it needs to place braces. It eliminates the need for the traditional wax-and-wire process and ensures that each bracket is properly placed before being bonded in place.

Benefits of Choosing LightForce Braces

Reduced Pain and Discomfort
The LightForce Braces system is designed to move your teeth in a more precise and controlled way. That means you’ll experience less pain and discomfort compared to traditional braces.

Shorter Treatment Time
By using LightForce Braces, your teeth will be moved faster and more efficiently. That translates to a shorter treatment time, which a lot of patients will find extremely helpful given their busy lifestyles. The average treatment time with LightForce Braces is 6-18 months.

Accurate Results
LightForce Braces guarantee accurate and precise results, so you know your smile will be perfectly aligned in the end.

Fewer Orthodontic Appointments
Traditional braces require periodic adjustments every 6 weeks, while LightForce Braces are adjusted and checked every 2-4 months. This means you’ll have fewer orthodontic appointments and save time and money in the long run.

Take Advantage of Customizable Brackets with LightForce Orthodontics

LightForce Braces are changing the way we look at orthodontic treatment. With its digital approach and precision-based brackets, you can be sure of a faster and more comfortable treatment. To experience the difference, schedule your free consultation with The Schulhof Center in Oradell today! We proudly serve the residents of Paramus, Teaneck, and Northern New Jersey.