Massaging Invisalign Over Teeth | 7 QUICK TIPS TO FOLLOW

Massaging Invisalign aligners over teeth. You have the right idea if you’re thinking about getting Invisalign for your teeth alignment correction. It’s one of the most popular products on the market. Even though the aligner system is effective as it is, you can still help speed up the process of perfection. Massaging your Invisalign aligners over your teeth is one way that you can assist. The following is some information about aligner massage and some other ways that you can work with your orthodontist to accelerate your recovery process. In this post, we’ll show you how massaging Invisalign on teeth is essential for successful results.


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Massaging Invisalign

Firstly, the Invisalign aligners system is a fantastic teeth correction system that uniquely uses plastic aligners. The specialist creates a plan for your specific bite and problem, and he has sets of aligners designed that you’ll change every two weeks.

You can help make the process go faster if you massage your aligners over your teeth. That means you will start massaging them after you put them on, preferably right away. A great rule-of-thumb practice is to massage your aligners at least once a day.


Instructions for Massaging Invisalign

Massaging your Invisalign aligners over your teeth is not a complicated task. What you need to do is use your thumb and your pointing finger. Place your thumb on the backside of your teeth, and place your pointing finger on the front of your tooth. You will use your finger to push the front of your aligner.

The front of your aligner will most likely have attachments on it that help you pull them out of your mouth. During your massage session, you’re going to need to press on those attachments. Make sure you do the procedure to all of your teeth while the aligners are over them to get the best effect.


The Benefits of Massaging Your Aligners

Many benefits can come from massaging Invisalign aligners routinely. The largest benefit is that you can help them to get a firmer grip on your teeth. The firm grip will aid the aligners in shifting the teeth to their designed course. Another benefit is that it will allow you to be involved in your Invisalign treatment.


Enhance and Quicken

Massaging your Invisalign aligners over your teeth is no the only way you can help speed up the recovery process. You can do a few other things, as well. Some of the things that you can do to enhance and quicken your process are:


  • Change Aligners in a Timely Fashion

Your aligners are set up by a specific strategy, and deviating from it may slow the process. Change your Invisalign aligners every one or two weeks if you’re supposed to. It will help you recover faster.


  • Wear Your Aligners 22 hours per day

Wearing your aligners as the expert directs you to is a necessary act. Most aligner clients have to keep their devices in for at least 22 hours. Make sure you do that if your specialist tells you to and that you do not cut the time short. Every minute counts toward your teeth shifting process.


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  • Clean Your Aligners Daily

You should clean your aligners regularly, which is at least once a day. Cleaning your aligners helps them to stay sanitized, which can help you avoid unnecessary dental disease. You can take them out long enough to clean them. Make sure that you are thorough in your process and that you make the routine a regular one. If you do it every day, it will become like second nature to you. Don’t worry.


  • Use Your Accessories

Your orthodontist may give you accessories that you can use if you want to boost your success. Chewies are an example of those accessories. You can bite down on them to get the perfect fit once you have your aligners in place. The better your aligners fit, the better chance you have of creating a perfect smile.

Use all of the above tips to enhance your process and listen to any advice that your orthodontic caretaker tells you. He knows because he has been doing the work for years. His main goal is to help you succeed, so allow him to do it.


  • Why Invisalign Treatment is an Amazing Choice

The aligner system is still one of the top recovery methods that people choose. There are many reasons for it, but the main one is discretion. People also choose aligners for the comfort level, the quick treatment plans, and affordability. Still, they aren’t always the best choice for everyone.

If you have malocclusions or severe bite issues then you will need another type of device. Even when that’s the case, the specialist can help the client choose an alternative that will work even better for the person. Seeing a specialist who has experience and talent is more important than the device because the specialist will make sure that the device is a match for you.


About Dr. Adam Schulhof

To increase the effectiveness of your treatment, you will need to have an experienced, compassionate orthodontist do the work for you. Dr. Adam Shulhof possesses both of those qualities and more. He has been caring for citizens with teeth alignment issues for longer than a decade, and he is dedicated to ensuring that you have the perfect fit no matter what method of correction that you choose.

He has training in several corrective devices including lingual braces, which are another form of discreet treatment. Invisalign is an area in which he has the expertise, and he will use his skills to ensure that you have the highest chance of coming out of your treatment with a gorgeous smile. Finally, Dr. Schulhof is someone that you can feel comfortable with and have the highest level of confidence in his work.




Are you ready to embark on your teeth alignment correction journey? If so, Dr. Adam Schulhof and his orthodontic team are ready to help you obtain the gorgeous smile that you deserve. Just call and schedule an appointment, and the specialist will get to know you and your unique smile.

Accordingly, he’ll help you choose the most suitable course of action for your teeth, and if needed, train you in why massaging Invisalign on your teeth improves the treatment. Contact us today to experience the Schulhof Center difference.

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Massaging Invisalign Over Teeth | 7 QUICK TIPS TO FOLLOW