Power Chains for Braces (7 EASY ANSWERS FOR MOM)

Power chains for braces. The power of braces is enough to move teeth and set them in a more natural position. The unnatural position may have come from crowding or malocclusions. Or even a jaw imperfection. Either way, it’s fixable. That’s where braces get interesting. For most, traditional wire bracket braces are the norm. They even come with styles and attachments to help speed up the treatment. One of these helpers is power chains. They bind the brackets together in a more robust manner than rubber bands. In this post, we’ll take you through what Power Chains are and why they are so popular. Let’s get going.

What are Power Chains?

Power chains are a linked set of ‘O’ rings that fit on the front of teeth and braces. Power chains come in handy when more power to shift teeth is necessary. The ‘O’ rings may not be pulling hard enough. Consider power chains as a backup and know they fit snug; the wearer will know the difference.
A complete replacement of ‘O’ ring rubber bands is in order. All this effort is to aid the completion of treatment in a quicker fashion. Wire power chains may sometimes come in handy. This is for severe cases only. The wire bands are super tight. They wrap around the brackets in the same fashion as regular power chains. Consider these as backup to the backup.

Do Power Chains Cause Pain?

They do. Pain comes after the tightening in most cases. Tightening will be a scheduled process, so at least you’ll be ready for the moment. Those with power chain pains should eat only soft foods and reduce chewing foods.

Why Use Them?

Treatment completion speed is the main reason. They also give strength to the devices in use. A good gauge to go on is that if the patient has had teeth extracted then they will use power chains. And they will use them for the entirety of the treatment.

The use of power chains offers the orthodontist guarantees of good results. And the confidence of precise movement allowing no unaccounted movement.

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Is There Anything Good?

Fun can come from chain color and of course the result. You’ll suffer power chain pain for less time than those with regular ‘O’ ring rubber bands. You can change the color of the power chains every time you go for tightening.
Choosing can be about your dietary habits. For example, if you drink coffee or tea then a grey color would be best. Otherwise, go for your favorite team color or match your car paint. It is up to you.

Do Fitting and Tightening Take Long?

No. It is done quickly and efficiently. The process will be done by the orthodontic team overseen by the orthodontist.

It is done quickly and efficiently

Can I Use Power Chains if I am Older?

Yes. Your age will not affect the use of any orthodontic application.

What’s the Overall Treatment Time?

This as always is dependant on the person’s dental health and what types of corrections need doing. It is not uncommon to last 2 to 3 years. Some less severe corrections can take up to as little as 6 months or even weeks. You’ll see the teeth and jaw will line up better over time. It will be gradual and silent.

Bonus Facts

Do Power Chains Effect Cleaning?

No. you will have a cleaning regime already in place. Cleaning with braces is not easy or quick but power chains do not make it harder.

Are They Included in the Cost?

Yes, your orthodontist will have accounted for them in the budget. Always ask though. They should not be using power chains as an extra cost.


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