Replace Your Metal Braces {With Aligners!}

Replace your metal braces. Orthodontics has moved on from ugly metal and bleeding gums. Orthodontics has moved on to invisible aligner technology. In this article, we lay out what you can do to replace your metal braces with aligners. Experts can change your braces from metal to invisible. In this post, we’ll show you how to replace your metal braces with aligners. Let’s get going. 


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Replace Your Metal Braces

Firstly, Dr. Schulhof treats his patients at The Schulhof Center, which comprises of two offices that are located in New Jersey and New York. The Schulhof Center improves their patients’ lives by building them up with a lifetime of radiant and healthy smiles. Therefore, each individual patient is very important to the doctor and his team, and they will do all they can to ensure every patient leaves completely happy and satisfied with their treatment. It doesn’t matter if a patient prefers traditional treatment, or you simply want a doctor to “replace your metal braces with aligners.” Either way, the staff will give an excellent plan for treatment that leads to complete success!

Giving his patients the smile they always wanted in a fun and comfortable way is his absolute passion. He and his staff at The Schulhof Center ensure hundreds of patients receive treatments that are truly extraordinary. They make sure to listen to the patient about what they really want and formulate a plan that works. Then, together with the patient, a choice of treatment will be agreed that will give the best results possible.

Basically, any patient can come to The Schulhof Center knowing that he will take the time to get to know him/her. The patient will have the opportunity to talk about what kind of treatment they really want, and how that treatment will be executed. One of the greatest joys of all at the center is seeing the happiness of a patient when they have done an excellent job on a treatment! The orthodontist knows he has done more than a simple job; he realizes that in some ways, he has changed a patient’s life!


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The Benefits of Dr. Schulhof’s Treatments

The orthodontist uses ceramic and metal braces to treat his patients traditionally with a nice process that involves brackets and wires. Patients are sure to feel more than satisfied with their lovely stainless steel braces that can be customized in many ways, including different colors and braces that glow at night. Some patients feel the need to say, “please replace my metal braces”, and Dr. Schulhof has just the answer to that request. He will treat these patients with Invisalign using plastic aligners fitted to each patient that is virtually impossible to see. This treatment has tremendous benefits including:

  • A patient with this treatment does not have to worry about their braces giving them unwanted attention.
  • A patient with these aligners will have great comfort and convenience.
  • These aligners can be taken out when eating and taking care of teeth.
  • A patient is less likely to develop any irritation with this treatment.

There’s more…

Another treatment the staff at The Schulhof Center provides is lingual Incognito® braces, which correct the position of a patient’s teeth with so much comfort the braces are almost unnoticeable. With this treatment, a special type of braces is fastened to the lingual side of each tooth. They are so secure that they cannot get lost or damaged when the patient eats, drinks, or talks, therefore this treatment has great benefits as well including:

  • The patient does not have any difficulty in speaking the way they’ve always done.
  • The braces do not stick out fat from a patient’s mouth.
  • The braces do not cause irritation to any part of a patient’s mouth.
  • This treatment allows patients that play sports and instruments to continue playing easily without risk of injury.


About Dr. Adam Schulhof

Firstly, Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD runs an amazing orthodontist practice that allows him to live out his life’s passion for giving beautiful, healthy, radiant smiles to hundreds of patients. He is also a leader in many teeth straightening treatments including lingual Incognito® braces, the traditional treatment of metal braces, and the more nontraditional treatment of braces with methods that are less noticeable.

Secondly, Dr. Schulhof has had a great interest in lingual orthodontics since he was very young. This interest and love for all things orthodontic led to his eventual graduation from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. After he graduated from this great university with high honors, he went on to receive specialty training from Columbia University. Next, the orthodontist created a practice of his own at The Schulhof Center. After treating so many patients with love, care, and respect, he is now in demand everywhere to give lectures on the awesome technology of lingual braces.

Are You Ready To Replace Your Metal Braces with Aligners?

Accordingly, Dr. Schulhof and his staff are always excited to meet new patients considering the variety of treatments they offer for any patient at any age with any type of lifestyle. Those at the Schulhof Center know your time is very important, so they offer a consultation appointment that gets right to business. During this appointment, you will receive a full orthodontic exam and discuss all possible options for treatment.

You will leave this appointment with all the information you need in regard to possible treatments and benefits, and you will also have a treatment plan that is sure to get you that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted! Don’t miss out on receiving treatment by such a caring and advanced orthodontist! Lastly, be sure to schedule an appointment at the New Jersey or New York office today!

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Replace Your Metal Braces {With Aligners!}