Mouth Ulcers While Wearing Braces | 11 AMAZING FACTS

Facts about mouth ulcers. Many people wear braces to straighten and correct teeth. Even though they aid to make a dental correction, they can also have a negative effect. For instance, each time the braces are tightened, the patient tends to feel a lot of pain. Additionally, the greatest issue is the development of ulcers of the mouth which are caused by hygienic issues.

Ulcers can develop due to the rub caused by braces in the mouth. These sores can be painful, but there are ways in which you can prevent or manage the ulcers in the mouth. In this post, we’re going to show you all the things to do when an ulcer shows its ugly face. Let’s kick things off with #1.


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Symptoms of Ulcers of the Mouth

  • Ulcers of the mouth are usually swollen, round and they can be red, gray, yellow or white. There are colors that indicate an infection; if there is a possibility of an infection, it might be a good time to contact the orthodontist. Alternatively, you can use other home remedies to treat ulcers of the mouth.


What is Orthodontic Wax?

  • There are various brands of orthodontist wax produced by different companies; these products are used to prevent braces from rubbing against parts of your mouth. The wax is ideal for preventing the formation of mouth sores, but they can also be used to prevent the sores from getting any worse. There are different kinds of orthodontic wax, but some companies pack some options with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to soothe the sores away.


Disinfecting Ulcers of the Mouth

  • Bacteria have a way of causing and infecting ulcers to make them more painful. There are different ways of disinfecting ulcers which includes rinsing with warm salty water. Even though it is a harsh mixture to the teeth, it helps to dry the bacteria in worse cases.
  • Remember to spit out the water after rinsing. Other ways of disinfecting ulcers include the use of mouth rinses which are made by different companies. In severe cases, hydrogen peroxide is used even though it is more painful than the ones we have listed.


How to Brush Teeth While Having Mouth Sores

  • It is hard to develop ulcers when you brush teeth on a regular basis. In the case of ulcers, cleaning your teeth will ensure that bacteria does not infect them. It is important to clean routinely and not once per day. Ensure that you clean your mouth thoroughly once a day; you can find lots of educational material on how to clean your mouth while having braces from the orthodontist.


Natural Solutions

  • Soak tea in a cup of warm water and place it directly on the sore parts of your mouth. Tea bags remove inflammations, and they also have antiseptic properties. You will be able to keep your sores clean and also provide some pain relief.


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Use of Silicone Covers

  • These covers work the same way as orthodontic wax. The covers prevent the contact of the lips, the inner cheeks, and the brackets. Since silicon does not break down like wax, this means that the solution will last for long. On the contrary, silicon covers have to be placed with dry brackets before they are used, so, it might be less convenient.



  • Dry mouth makes abrasion even worse in the inner cheeks, and the brackets will become less slippery. If you avoid drinking water, you will produce less saliva. When you drink water on a regular basis, you produce more saliva, whose antibacterial property helps in the prevention of ulcer development.


OTC Pain Relievers

  • Most pain relievers that are stored on store shelves are also effective on ulcer pains. Aspirin, acetaminophen, and Ibuprofen are some of the common pain relievers. This is because of their anti-inflammatory effects; they can make ulcers heal faster.


Foods to Avoid

  • An ulcer can be agitated by spicy foods and acidic foods. You should avoid these sorts of foods as much as possible. They can also irritate your ulcers with carbonated drinks like sodas. You should take more bland foods when you have ulcers; they are easy to swallow, and they don’t cause any irritation, for instance, yogurt. Yogurt has probiotic properties, and it helps to fight the body off any infections caused by ulcer bacteria.
  • You should also avoid hard foods that can damage the brace brackets and wires. Also, avoid problematic foods like tomatoes. Not only do acidic foods cause tooth decay, but they can also cause further ulcer irritation.


Schedule Meetings with the Orthodontist

  • Plan to attend booked appointments at your orthodontist’s office. That is the time to report any pain, problem spots and ulcers of the mouth you think you have. Your orthodontist will give you tips on how you can keep your mouth healthy. You will also receive advice on how to treat your ulcers, depending on how severe they are.


How to Use Pain Relievers

  • Ulcers can cause a lot of pain. You can suppress the pain when you use over the counter medicines like the oral gel. The oral gel can be useful to numb the pain, but it should be the right gel for the sores because there are gels that can cause more pain.


Causes of Ulcers of the Mouth

  • Apart from rubbing braces in gums, injuries and other damaged tissue can be treated. To add to the remedies of ulcers, reducing stress is also a way you can use to suppress the pain. You can do yoga, exercise, practice meditation, and deep breathing. You can keep a journal to pinpoint the source of the stress.
  • There are very many ways in which you can treat ulcers of the mouth. For more guidance, you should consult an orthodontist for the right information. If you would like to know if you need braces, you can also book for an evaluation of ulcers of the mouth, and then contact Adam Schulhof, a New York orthodontist who can help you to find a way to improve your smile in a way that is less painful.



Mouth ulcers can be painful, but they do not have any adverse effect on your health, try doing the health remedies we have looked at; if these solutions don’t improve your condition, you can contact Dr. Schulhof and we will help you to relieve your pain, improve your recovery and help you prevent getting ulcers of the mouth.

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Mouth Ulcers While Wearing Braces | 11 AMAZING FACTS