Feel Confident About Invisalign (9 AMAZING FACTS)

Orthodontists now offer Invisalign treatment. This revolutionary straightening method is the result of advanced 3-D computer technology. Best of all, this straightening method is invisible. In this post, we’ll find out the reasons to feel confident about Invisalign. Let’s get going.


Confident About Invisalign

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  • Why Straight Teeth Matter

Straight teeth are important as it affects self-esteem and the smile and teeth are the first things a person notices. Better chewing means better health and easier cleaning.

What are the Health Benefits?

Many people are born with crooked teeth. Or crowded, uneven, or lousy spacing. In today’s society, straight teeth are valuable. Those who suffer from misaligned teeth often feel insecure about their appearance. And hide their smile as often as possible.

By straightening your teeth, you will find that your confidence will reach new levels. Achieving straight teeth improves your appearance. Besides making your teeth more attractive, straightening will balance out your facial bone structure and enhance the shape of your mouth.

Plus, having straight teeth will help you maintain good oral hygiene. When teeth are out of alignment, flossing and brushing can be a struggle. As a result, common problems like gum disease and tooth decay can occur over time. Thus, undergoing a straightening treatment is effective in oral health problems.

Getting your teeth straightened aligns the jaw as well. A misaligned jaw can lead to a painful condition called TMJ disorder. This condition leads to headaches and facial pain.

Why You Should Feel Confident About Invisalign

This straightening method offers many advantages over traditional methods. Below we will delve into the facts about why you should feel confident about Invisalign.

Near Invisible

Instead of brackets, elastics and wires, this treatment involves a series of trays. These trays fit over the teeth and shift them into alignment over time.

These trays, made of a clear and thin plastic material are near invisible. Many patients find that most of their friends don’t even know that they are wearing them.

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Completely Removable

Another benefit is that these plastic aligner trays are easy to take out at any time. Other methods need mechanisms that attach to the teeth with a bonding material. Invisalign trays slip over the teeth and snap into place. Thus, you can remove them in a quick and painless manner throughout the day.

With traditional braces, patients have to be careful with what they eat. Certain foods can break straightening devices. This means that many patients have to avoid some of their favorite foods. Invisalign’s removable nature allows patients to eat whatever they want as before.

Because these trays are removable, patients don’t have to sacrifice good oral hygiene.  Remove trays when ready to floss and brush their teeth.


These trays are custom-designed by an orthodontist using advanced computer technology. As a result, they will fit. The smooth plastic material ensures the trays will not irritate the tongue. Or inside of the mouth. Plus, this method is gradual. There won’t be any pain as the result of sudden movement of the teeth.


This straightening method is effective. The advanced technology behind this system allows each tooth movement into proper alignment.

How It Works

At the beginning of your treatment, your orthodontist will have a mold taken. This is of the inside of your mouth. This mold will create a series of aligner trays. Your orthodontist will use computer technology to design each tray. This ensures a comfortable fit as well as the proper movement of teeth.

To ensure that your trays stay in place, your orthodontist will apply small buttons. This is to the surface of some teeth using a special bonding material. This allows the trays to snap into place and remain in their proper positions throughout the day.

Your trays take TWO weeks to arrive at your orthodontist’s office, you may take them home at the same time. This allows you to straighten your teeth from home. Each tray numbered in chronological order. You will wear each pair of trays for one or two weeks at a time.

Once the week or weeks are over, you will replace your trays with the next pair in the series. Each pair of trays shifts your teeth closer to perfect alignment.


About every eight weeks, you will visit your orthodontist. He or she can make sure that your teeth are moving. At the end of your treatment, you and your orthodontist see you have achieved the desired results.

If your teeth are still misaligned, you can wear a series of refinement trays until satisfied. Once you have completed your treatment, you will wear a retainer. This is to ensure that your teeth remain straight.

Cost of Treatment

In most cases, this method costs about the same as traditional metal braces. The total cost will depend on several factors such as the length of treatment of any extra devices.

Payment plans and financing options are available. So that this treatment can be affordable for everyone. Some dental insurance providers will cover at least apart of your straightening treatment.

Length of Treatment

In many instances, patients can achieve straight teeth in less than one year. The exact length of treatment will depend on how misaligned your teeth are. The more misaligned your teeth are, the more aligner trays required.

Effectiveness of Treatment with Invisalign

Invisalign is effective when it comes to mild to moderate crowding. Even crooked or uneven spaced teeth. If your teeth are out of alignment, another straightening method may be more suitable.

Who is a Good Candidate for this Treatment?

People of all ages who have a small misalignment will enjoy Invisalign. Also, popular among patients who had their teeth straightened years ago. Then found that their teeth have since regressed back.

Find out whether this treatment is right for you. Schedule a consultation with your orthodontist. During your consultation, your orthodontist will examine your teeth. And discuss your orthodontic concerns. He or she may also take x-rays of your teeth to better understand your unique orthodontic needs. The internet is awash with questions and people’s journeys.



If you are ready for straight teeth in an invisible, comfortable and convenient way. Schedule a consultation with a licensed orthodontic specialist Dr. Schulhof.

Invisalign’s innovative technology means you can have the gorgeous smile of your dreams. Contact us today and start an amazing journey to a beautiful new smile. This is why you can feel confident about Invisalign.

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