The Definitive Guide to Oral Health (EPIC LIST)

Accordingly, your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. What you do to it directly affects the rest of your body. Most people think that the only risk is tooth decay and cavities. That is not the case—poor oral hygiene can expose you to gum infections, weak bones, and even mental and behavioral conditions. It is, therefore, imperative to mind the oral health of you and your family.


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Important Facts About Oral Health

  • Two in every three kids suffer from dental caries.
  • Most adults have at least one dental or oral hygiene issue that needs attention.
  • Americans don’t floss every day, and they will lie during dental examinations that they do.
  • Americans snack a lot despite knowing that it is an unhealthy habit.
  • On the overall, people hate dental appointments.
  • Poor dental and oral hygiene can affect your relationships.

There are two ways to start your oral health…


Eat a Balanced Diet

Firstly, healthy eating yields healthy body organs. Strong teeth and gums are a result of healthy eating habits. If you eat the right amount of calories, you will have healthy gums and teeth.

Healthy gums resist sensitivity, bleeding, and damage. They also counter bacterial infections. Strong teeth resist structural damage. A combination of strong gums and teeth yields healthy tooth development, which is essential in preventing cracking or injuries.


Refrain From Unhealthy Risks and Habits

Firstly, opening cans and bottles with your teeth is seen as an act of courage. It is also a very reckless thing to do. Your tooth is a living organ. Irresponsible actions can lead to breakage or cracking. The cracked tooth will require a filling or root canal, both of which expose the internal parts of the tooth to bacterial growth and attack.

Children also tend to develop unhealthy habits such as suckling on fingers, grinding teeth, and biting nails. They are not good habits. Once you have done these two things, you can now go ahead with the mouth care


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The Actual Process of Oral Care

It entails these three things:

  1. Brushing and Cleaning

Unless you keep fidelity to dental and oral hygiene, your children will never learn. The most effective way of teaching children is through example. Let them see how you are doing it, and they will emulate you. You need the right oral hygiene tools. These include the right brush and toothpaste.

Do you know how to brush? Here is a guide.

  1. Use soft to medium-bristled brush—not hard bristles
  2. Use fluoride toothpaste
  3. Brush at least two minutes—it sounds unnecessary, but that is the recommended timeline
  4. Brush twice daily—once before bedtime
  5. Use a circular motion to brush—not lines
  6. Apply equal pressure going up and down

Do you know where to clean? Here is a checklist:

  1. Outer gum line
  2. Inside surface
  3. Chewing service
  4. Behind each tooth
  5. Near your salivary glands
  6. Your tongue

You should do this methodical brushing all time—not occasionally. Doing so removes any signs of plaque and bacteria.


  1. Flossing

It is not a fun thing to do. It can also be a bit uncomfortable. Despite all that, you have to do it at least once every day. How do you make that possible? You should use with the right flossing gear. Your flossing tools will determine how often you do it. There are many products on the market. You can use the waxed or non-waxed traditional dental floss.

Do it the right way. This is how to do that.

  1. Use at least 18 inches of dental floss
  2. Wrap the floss firmly and away from the gum
  3. Use the up and down motion
  4. Make your movement gentle to prevent gum damage

This process removes all debris and plaque. It also keeps your pearly whites, white.


  1. Going for Dental Appointments

You need routine dental checkups. ADA recommends a checkup every six months. Since dental services fall primarily in the art category, your choice of a dental professional is imperative. Each dental practitioner is a specialist in a certain area of study.

Dentists deal with most of the dental work. Teeth positioning is another area of specialization handled by orthodontists. Dentists and dental hygienists exclusively deal with routine checkups. When choosing a checkup practice, look out for the following.

  1. A tidy and organized office
  2. Professional certifications and memberships to professional bodies
  3. Professional tools such as nickel-sized mirrors, metal explorers, and metal hand tools
  4. Proper diagnostic equipment such as x-ray machines
  5. Professional courtesy about history, payments, and methods

You will keep your mouth healthy if you keep fidelity to this plan. You will have better smiles, great breath, healthy gums and teeth, and an overall great experience.


Dr. Adam Schulhof

Finally, he is an accomplished orthodontist with a keen eye for oral health and lingual orthodontics. He specializes in lingual orthodontics. As a professional, he believes in improving options. Therefore, his experience and expertise have set him apart in the global lingual orthodontics care. When he is not personally delivering pearly smiles to his patients, he is sitting on advisory boards, lecturing, or developing a lingual orthodontic curriculum.

Patients who visit the New Jersey or New York offices can benefit from customized care. Most patients go to an orthodontist office with fear. Dr. Adam Schulhof knows that. Thus, he has purposed to make care delivery a collaborative effort. He will guide you through the process. You will contribute to the care plan. Eventually, you get comprehensive care.

A visit to Dr. Adam Schulhof’s office will give you the following:

  1. Professional approach to care
  2. A top doctor’s appeal
  3. Customized care plan
  4. Quality orthodontics
  5. Courteous approach

In conclusion, for all your oral health and orthodontics, visit Doctor Schulhof practice today.

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The Definitive Guide to Oral Health (EPIC LIST)