Do I Need Braces Quiz (ANSWERS HERE)

Take a braces quiz with Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD. He is an orthodontist who graduated with honors and has worked to provide the best orthodontic care since he began his career. As a result, he loves to see his patients become more confident with their perfect, healthy new smiles. He can act as quiz master for you, so you can find out if you need braces or not. Alas, we present the braces quiz.

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Dr. Schulhof specializes in lingual orthodontics, or Incognito, which is a method of straightening the teeth by placing brackets and wires on the back of the teeth. This method is effective in fixing misalignment without anyone seeing the brackets or wires on the teeth. Dr. Schulhof also works on an advisory board and has become a leader for Incognito. Furthermore, he has given many lectures all over the world that focus on lingual orthodontics, and he spends time researching and developing.

Above all, for those who are looking to go the traditional route for their orthodontic work, Dr. Schulhof excels in that area, as well. He believes each patient should be able to personalize their own treatment, and that they deserve the best he can give no matter which route they choose to take. Other services offered by Dr. Schulhof include:



Firstly, Invisalign uses clear aligner trays to straighten the teeth. This method only works for patients who have minor crowding, crookedness, or spacing issues. The aligner trays can be taken out at any time, but the patient should wear them for at least 22 hours a day.



WildSmiles are specifically designed to make the orthodontic process more enjoyable for kids. Instead of traditional brackets, kids can choose from different bracket shapes such as footballs, flowers, and diamonds. Different color options are available as well.



As mentioned above, Incognito is a method that places the brackets and wires on the back of the teeth. As a result, this makes the process less obvious and allows the patient to hide their treatment.


Incognito Lite

Incognito Lite is the same as Incognito, except that the brackets are smaller. The brackets also don’t go on the molars. Thus, this method is only available for patients who have minor alignment issues.



Propel is a system that will be done in the office that will stimulate the bone around the teeth. Doing this speeds up the bone remodeling process, and shortens the overall treatment time.


iTero Intraoral Scanner

This process uses a scanning wand that goes inside of the mouth, taking pictures of the teeth. Furthermore, as it takes the pictures, the system puts the pictures together to create a model of the teeth.


3M True Definition Scanner

Like the iTero Intraoral Scanner, the 3M True Definition Scanner also makes it possible to have a 3D model of the teeth in a short amount of time, without using messy goop. This method takes video instead of pictures, however.


Clarity Advanced by 3M

Clarity Advanced by 3M is an orthodontic procedure that uses ceramic brackets instead of traditional brackets. These ceramic brackets are designed to blend into the teeth, so it is harder to detect that there are braces on the teeth. They are clear and will not stain during the treatment process.


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Do I Need Braces? – Take This Braces Quiz to Find Out.


  1. Do you have an overbite?

– Yes, a small overbite.

– Yes, a severe one.

– No.

– My bite is normal.


  1. Do you have an underbite?

– Yes, a small one.

– Yes, a severe one.

– No.

– My bite is normal.


  1. Are your teeth crowded?

– Yes, severely.

– Yes, but only a little.

– No, but I have a gap.

– No, they are perfectly spaced.


  1. Are your teeth crooked?

– Yes, severely.

– Only moderately.

– Yes, but only a little.

– No, they are completely straight.


  1. Do you have gaps between your teeth?

– Yes, severely.

– Yes, but only a little.

– No, they are crowded.

– No, my teeth are perfectly straight.


  1. Is your jaw misaligned?

– Yes, my teeth don’t line up.

– Yes, but it’s not noticeable.

– No, my jaw is perfectly aligned.

– I’m not sure.


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  1. Have you ever been referred to an orthodontist?

– Yes, by my dentist.

– Yes, but I don’t agree.

– No, but I think I should be.

– No, my teeth are perfect.


  1. What do your parents’ teeth look like?

– They look great, but they had orthodontic work done.

– Looking great, and they never had orthodontic treatment.

– They are crooked, misaligned, crowded, or have too many spaces.

– Unknown.


  1. Does your jaw hurt when you eat?

– Yes, every time.

– Only sometimes.

– Yes, but I don’t think it means I need orthodontic work.

– No, my jaw never hurts.


  1. Did you lose your baby teeth earlier than your peers?

– Yes, some of them.

– Yes, all of them.

– No, I lost them at the same time.

– No, I lost them later.


  1. Does your jaw shift or make sounds?

– Yes, but it only shifts

– It does, but it only makes sounds.

– Yes, it does both.

– No, my jaw doesn’t shift or make sounds.


  1. Do you often unintentionally bite the inside of your cheek?

– Yes, sometimes.

– Yes, all the time.

– No, never.

– I have never noticed.


  1. Do your bottom teeth hit the roof of your mouth?

– Yes, sometimes.

– Yes, every time I close my mouth.

– No, never.

– I have never noticed.


  1. Do you have a hard time chewing your food?

– Yes, sometimes.

– Yes, all the time.

– No, never.

– Yes, but it is not due to needing orthodontic treatment.


  1. Do you like your smile?

– No, I really dislike it.

– No, but it isn’t too bad.

– Yes, but it could be better.

– Yes, it is perfect.




Finally, if the questions that you answered on the braces quiz leave you wondering about your options, or you are not completely comfortable with your smile, it is worth it to meet with an orthodontist to go over your options. Your smile is often the first thing strangers notice about you, so you should feel confident with the way your teeth look. Accordingly, if you want to discuss your options, call or send us a message to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Adam Schulhof today.

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Do I Need Braces Quiz (ANSWERS HERE)