Justin Bieber (The Hollywood Smile Fashion)

Get a Hollywood Smile with Dr. Adam Schulhof. You’ve heard the names: Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Eva Longoria, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey. All celebrities who chose clear braces. Justin Bieber was in his teens, but Tom Cruise was 40. Actress Kathy Bates chose clear braces when she was 50. Just to drop a few more names, how about Emma Watson, Serena Williams, and royals Prince Harry, not to mention Prince William’s consort Kate Middleton?



Where You Can Get a Winning Smile

You don’t have to be a star to get a showbiz smile. Introducing Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD, a renowned expert with a passion for treating uneven bites and crooked teeth, and a Preferred Provider with Invisalign. After graduating with honors from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Dr. Schulhof received his specialty training at Columbia University. He lectures worldwide in places like Paris, Australia and Rome. Also, he trains thousands of doctors internationally in invisible treatment technology. He is one of the world’s pioneering orthodontists.

Dr. Schulhof treats each of his patients as a unique individual requiring a personalized approach. After examining the patient’s natural jawline and tooth organization, he customizes a treatment plan to accomplish each patient’s expectations and even meet timelines—for instance, in time for a patient’s wedding. Dr. Schulhof’s philosophy is that self-confidence and good dental health are essential to a patient’s success in life. Even if you aren’t a celebrity, your smile can make you feel like one.


What Are My Invisible Treatment Options?

With the new clear aligner options, having work done to your teeth doesn’t have to be obvious. Dr. Schulhof began by using lingual braces which fit behind teeth. As more discreet technology advanced, Dr. Schulhof became involved with 3M’s Incognito appliances. Once Align Technology began producing Invisalign, he became intrigued with what these clear thermoplastic aligners could accomplish. As Align Technology’s patents have begun to expire, 3M has introduced a line of Clarity aligners.

However, many of Dr. Schulhof’s patients ask specifically for Invisalign braces. It makes sense: for a showbiz smile, do what your favorite showbiz person did. For Dr. Adam Schulhof, the appliance used is not the key part of the equation. As a specialist, he believes that his job is to use every tool available to provide his patients the treatment they need. He has embraced every advance as another weapon to use in his practice.



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Braces: Not Just for the Look

While many people think of braces as cosmetic fixes, braces actually accomplish much more. Along with a beautiful smile, invisible treatments can correct a multitude of issues—called malocclusions—including overbites, underbites, crossbites, protruding upper front teeth, crowding of teeth and when dental midlines do not match. This may still sound cosmetic, but it isn’t.

“Orthodontics is devoted to moving teeth into the correct positions,” Dr. Schulhof says. “Although this has aesthetic effects, its primary purpose is to restore proper alignment to improve the health of the teeth and jawbones.” If you have a bad bite or crooked teeth, you can experience damaged gums and bone loss, tooth decay in places you cannot easily reach when brushing, abnormal wear to teeth, headaches and jaw pain.


The Many Benefits of Clear Braces

One of the benefits of clear aligners is that they allow 100% customization. They can work up to twice as fast as traditional braces did. You also won’t have to have a messy mold taken: everything is digital.

When you start treatment with Dr. Adam Schulhof, he will make a digital mold of your teeth using a scanner. The digital mold allows the orthodontist to create a series of aligners customized to fit over your teeth. The use of thermoplastic allows a better fit as well as a precise but gentle movement of your teeth. You then take the sets of custom-designed aligners home and wear each pair for two weeks. When you switch one pair of aligners for the next, you are moving closer to perfect alignment.


Convenience and Comfort

Clear aligners offer even more advantages over those old-fashioned metal and wire appliances. Beyond being discreet, the aligners can be taken off painlessly at any time so you don’t have to avoid popcorn or any of your other favorite foods. You can also remove the aligners to brush and floss, and guess what? With the aligners on, plaque has zero chance of forming between your teeth. Dr. Schulhof advises that you wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours each day.

Teens particularly like the lack of inconvenience clear aligners offer for playing musical instruments, singing, participating in sports, or pursuing their active social lives while keeping the aligners on. With no metal parts or wires irritating the inside of your lips or your tongue, the aligners remain comfortable throughout the day. That may be why you never heard Justin Bieber complain about his braces.


Treatment Works Regardless of Age

As celebrities like Justin Bieber have demonstrated, you can be treated as a teen or as an adult. Even if you had braces as a teen, you may find as an adult that your teeth have moved over time. The best candidates for clear aligners are teens or adults who find that they have mild to moderate crookedness, mild to moderate spacing issues, or mild to moderate crowding.



How Long to Get Your Hollywood Look?

On average, treatment will take 12 months. Then, once your teeth have reached that perfect look you were after, you’ll need to maintain it. Vivera retainers are only slightly stiffer than the aligners, and they are clear and perfectly fitted to be comfortable day or night.


How Do I Contact Dr. Schulhof?

Dr. Adam Schulhof’s offices are conveniently located at 69 Street between Park and Lexington Avenues, as well as in Oradell, serving Northern New Jersey. His website is extremely helpful and offers live chat as well as a form for requesting an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Schulhof believes that high-quality orthodontic treatment should be affordable. Many insurance plans will cover the treatment, and in-office financing and extended payment plans are offered. The offices also accept credit cards and CareCredit.

Call 212-861-1859 for Dr. Schulhof’s New York office, or 551-231-5323 for the New Jersey office, to start your journey toward not just prettier teeth like Justin Bieber but healthier teeth.

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Justin Bieber (The Hollywood Smile Fashion)