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Wow! It is back to school season already! Summer has flown by and as a parent, you are likely neck-deep in school supplies, backpacks, portable snacks, and transportation schedules right about now. There is so much to organize for school survival. Not the least of which is putting together a Braces Kit for School to help your kids, tweens, and teens take good care of your investment in their oral health during orthodontics. In this post, we’ll show you what to make sure your kid has a braces kit for school during their orthodontic treatment. So, let’s go.



Here, we are happy to make your job a lot easier. Introducing our new proprietary Schulhof Center Braces Kit for School! Hence, we encourage you to stop by the Schulhof Center office closest to you to pick up your complimentary kit.

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Back to School Orthodontic Survival

  • Sure, you could create your own back to school braces kit. But you already have enough to do, which is why we want to take this essential task off your to-do list!
  • The truth is, no matter how smart and conscientious your child or teen may be, going back to school can be a particularly distraction-rich time of year. There are friends to catch up with, new subjects to study and master, extra-curricular activities and plenty of homework to complete at night.
  • So you can just expect that caring for braces or aligners is not going to top the list of things your child or teen is thinking about. Above all, you want to protect your investment in your child’s or teen’s healthy mouth and teeth. And make sure treatment proceeds according to plan. This makes a braces kit an essential part of your back to school orthodontic survival!


What Is In a Braces Kit for School?

Your goal for providing your child or teen with a braces kit for use at school is to make it easy and (dare we say) fun to care for braces or aligners during the school day. Our braces kit for school includes the following essential away-from-home braces care supplies:

1. Toothpaste and Toothbrush.

  • It can be challenging to find time to take care of braces in the brief transitional periods between classes or during the lunch hour.
  • But whenever possible, taking time for a brief brushing session can keep braces cleaner and foster good oral health during the day.

2. Floss.

  • There is no doubt that braces hardware can sometimes catch little food bits in the most inconvenient places! This is where floss comes in.
  • Rather than feeling embarrassed or using something unsuitable to try to remove the trapped pieces, why not just pack a canister of dental floss with a handy threader to come to the rescue? Floss saves embarrassment and is a protector from plaque.

3. Mouthwash.

  • Having a nice swish of mouthwash after snacks or lunch is a great social skill in its own right – everyone loves nice, fresh, minty breath. Your oral hygiene will thank you.
  • And for those moments when your child or teen simply can’t find time to brush or floss, mouthwash can come in handy as a sanitizing agent to keep braces, teeth, and gums healthier.

4. Dental wax.

  • While today’s orthodontic technology does a great job of keeping the hardware simple and streamlined, there may still be those moments during the school day or on the athletic field when a wire pokes out. This is where wax comes in.
  • This can be distracting as well as painful. Dental wax is a great, simple, portable remedy to keep on hand for moments like these. Until you can get to the Schulhof Center to get the expert care you need.

5. Rubber bands.

  • Tucking away a few extra rubber bands is a great move. It can literally make the difference between you having to make the drive to one of our Schulhof Center offices and being able to simply pop in a new rubber band to replace one that has gotten displaced during the course of the school day.


Other Items You May Want to Add to a Care Kit

Our care kit for school survival gives your child or teen a great basic, portable system for caring for braces or aligners on the go. However, there may be other items you want to add in at your own discretion. We recommend considering the following additions as your child or teen may benefit from these extras:

Ibuprofen or topical pain easer.

  • You may want to include an over-the-counter painkiller (topical or oral.) This helps during those times when your child’s or teen’s mouth feels a little sore just after an orthodontist visit. Dr. Schulhof is happy to offer his personalized recommendations or talk with your family practitioner for ideas.

Handheld mirror.

  • A handheld mirror is a good option to take time to help see into the areas where food may be trapped. Or a wire may be poking out. This can make flossing or making minor repairs much easier. Get one today they are a great help.

Travel cup.

  • If your family loves to camp, you may already have one of those handy travel folding cups on hand. Another option is disposable cups.

Travel case.

  • Finally, it may be easiest to pop your child’s or teen’s braces care supplies into an extra pencil bag or resealable plastic baggy. This keeps them safe and sanitary between uses during the school day. We hope you enjoy our Schulhof Braces Care Kit – happy back-to-school!



About the Schulhof Center

Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD, is the founder and medical director as well as chief orthodontist for the Schulhof Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics and the Schulhof Center at KinderSmiles. Accordingly, Dr. Schulhof graduated with high honors from the University of Medicine and Dentistry (New Jersey) and completed his orthodontic residency at the prestigious Columbia University. If one person knows about what you need for a braces kit for school it is him.



Today, Dr. Schulhof maintains a busy private orthodontic practice treating patients of all ages at his two office locations. In New Jersey and New York City. His patients appreciate his genuine warmth and care every bit as much as they do his cutting-edge expert mastery of the newest orthodontic treatment practices and oral hygiene.

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