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Braces are a blessing in so many ways. Earlier on, if your teeth were set a particular way; that was it. Luckily for us, however, we have these wonderful inventions that can help straighten our smiles and thus enhance our quality of life. For some folks, however, the need braces now thing represents a massive burden of psychological discomfort. They are scared of having a metallic smile, impaired speech, and god forbid; being laughed at. In this post, we’ll help you through your fear of having braces and on towards a perfect smile. Follow us, it’s time to get cracking.

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Fear of Having Braces – Fear Not

  • Even though we have a lot more individuals embracing the idea of donning braces for a short time to achieve the killer smile they’ve always wanted, for some people it still a battle of attrition; between desire and fear. If you constantly fantasize about having that dashing smile but cannot bring yourself to get braces, then you are one of these persons.
  • Of course, you have the knowledge that wearing supports will go a long way in ridding your fear and boosting your confidence, but you just can’t bring yourself to face the fact that you might need to wear them every day for a couple of months or years. Once your orthodontist green-lights your treatment, there is no turning back. The good news is that you can overcome this fear. Let us see how
  • Many people are fear wearing brackets for numerous reasons. As such, we shall address the primary ones and what to do about them.


1. Embarrassment

  • This is especially prevalent among kids and teenagers. They could be more embarrassed by wearing supports than having crooked teeth. This is because most young ones are afraid of looking different from their peers, as this makes them vulnerable to bullying and teasing. This is why you need to let your child know that this fear is groundless.
  • Have them sit down and explain to them that going through with the treatment now will make them look nicer for the rest of their life. Also, have them realize that there are plenty of other kids who wear supports in their school too. You could also make the idea to wear brackets appealing by revealing to them that they have the option to customize their supports using accessories. This will make the concept seem like fun.


2. Pain

  • A lot of people think that the process of getting the brackets put on is terribly painful. It is a little wonder people are afraid. Moreover, they are afraid that the spacing and adjustment process will hurt as well. While there is some discomfort associated with supports, it is not the kind of pain to write home about. This treatment doesn’t involve twisting or wrenching the tooth into place. The treatment process is quite gentle, and the realignment happens gradually.
  • Having the brackets applied is entirely devoid of pain. The metal brackets may initially poke the inside of your mouth, it will feel weird but getting braces at first but that’s it. The orthodontist may offer you wax to use on the brackets to prevent that from happening. In time, however, the skin inside your mouth will harden up, and you will no longer need the wax.
  • The only time you may experience discomfort is during adjustments. At this time, you might experience some pain and tenderness. It is nothing too serious, and some over the counter medication will help.


3. Previous Bad Experience

  • If an individual had a less than pleasurable experience at the orthodontist when they were younger, it is likely that this will have an influence on their future interactions with the orthodontist. While this kind of ingrained phobia is difficult to overcome, seeking out an experienced orthodontist will help alleviate uncertainty.
  • A competent specialist will never let you have a traumatic experience. Additionally, if it’s a child is afraid, be sensitive to them while giving them reassurance that it will not happen again.


4. Being Clueless

  • At most times, we may be afraid to get these supports because we do not know what is happening. You are just lying there with a bright light shining down on your face. This can quickly build up one’s anxiety and cause you to panic.
  • Therefore, let your orthodontist know about your worries and then let them explain the procedure to you. When you know what a particular instrument or tool does, your anxiety will fade. This breakdown of the process typically occurs during a consultation, the day before your treatment is done.



5. Afraid of Having Food Stuck

  • This is a real concern, especially among children. Just having food on their teeth can cause serious damage to their ‘cred’ in school. Kids take these things seriously. So if your child is avoiding this treatment because of such reasons, have them understand that those with supports have the same probability of having food stuck in their teeth as those without.
  • But to reinforce that they have nothing to be afraid of, you can get the kid a pocket mirror and pack their toothbrush for them as they leave for school. This will help reassure them that their reputation will remain safe. As an adult who needs supports, you could consider the same too. For optimum oral health, always carry your toothbrush with you and brush after meals. This will give you all the reassurance you need.


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6. Fear of Having Braces For A Long Time

  • Orthodontic treatment does indeed take time. The process is gradual so as to avoid pain, and also to ensure the new alignment is as natural as it gets.
  • So you need to prepare yourself mentally for the new contraptions you are about to have for an extended period. Remember that a year or two is nothing compared to over 50 years of a perfect smile.



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