Braces that You Can’t Even See!

Braces can sometimes be embarrassing or just plain annoying, especially on special occasions like homecoming or your sweet sixteen. But what if you could wear them without anyone knowing? 3M Unitek and Dr. Schulhof of the Schulhof Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics stopped by the Seventeen offices to introduce Incognito Hidden Braces. These sneaky teeth straighten-ers (also known as lingual braces) are just like traditional braces, but they are placed behind your teeth, making them invisible to others.

Unlike other products out there designed to “invisibly” fix your smile, every bracket and wire of Incognito is 100 percent customized to your teeth, which can lead to fewer appointments and increased comfort. That means less time spent at your orthodontist’s office and more time doing things you want to do like hanging with friends, shopping, whatever!

If you don’t want to commit to a full set of braces or you’re looking to straighten out just the front, most-visible portion of your smile, you can opt for Incognito Lite. This version works the same way as the full set, but they are just applied to the front six or eight teeth, which are seen the most when you talk or smile. The process is a lot shorter than that of regular braces and within a few months, you could be flaunting a perfect smile. If you’re worried about school pictures or a big event, you can start the treatment anytime before it, and you’ll start seeing results right away!

If you are eligible to be treated with regular braces, then you can be treated with Incognito. And if you’re worried about how braces will affect your life, stop stressing! Talk to your parents and go to if you’re in the Greater New York area to learn more or make an appointment with Dr. Schulhof. Or visit to find an Incognito-certified Orthodontist near you. It’ll be our little secret!

This article was first published in Seventeen Magazine. You can read the original story here.