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The “railroad track” traditional braces we’ve all seen on kids have never been attractive. Now there are clear alternatives that give kids, as well as image-conscious teens adults, a chance to improve their smiles without notice or fuss. In this post, we’ll show the Invisalign technology what – why – how. Let’s get started.


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Invisalign Technology

As with any emerging wonder, people wonder whether or not it will work, and part of what will make these new smile transformation methods work is the people factor. If you live in New Jersey or New York, you have the advantage of having orthodontic work done by a highly acclaimed Invisalign orthodontist and his expert team members at The Schulhof Center. Once you meet them, you will immediately gain confidence in their expertise and know that you made the right choice.


Treatments Available

Crooked teeth, open bites, gaps, crossbites, underbites, overbites, and crowding can be corrected on patients of all ages. The team offers:

  • Free Consultation – Your first visit at the Center will include an informative computer scan and 3D imagery that shows you how your teeth currently appear and how the computer estimates how your smile will look after orthodontic treatment. While patient treatment preferences are noted, the doctor will also look at the severity and the types of problems you have when determining options.
  • Early Orthodontic Treatment – This service is performed on young children. It assures that the permanent teeth formulate correctly and it prevents problems down the road.
  • Adolescent Treatment – Children have their adult growth by the time they are between the ages of 11 and 15. Any problems they would have with their jaw as an adult can be observed and corrected early, just before the growth spurts start.
  • Adult treatment – If your gums and bones are strong, you can have orthodontics as an adult. Because of the invisible braces options that are now available, more adults are getting braces than ever before!
  • Retainers – Patients receive retainers at the end of their treatment so that your smile does not move back out of place.


High Technology

  • iTero Intraoral Scanner
  • 3M True Definition Scanner
  • Clarity Advanced by 3M


3M True Definition Scanner


Patient Benefits

Dr. Adam Schulhof personally works with patients and allows them to help make the final decision as to which type of braces will be used. To maintain confidence in their appearance, today’s patients often opt for braces that are not as noticeable as the traditional steel ones.

The advanced machinery used in The Schulhof Center, along with the expertise of the doctor and his staff, bring about the desired alignment results and confident smiles. In addition to personalized, efficient, and effective service, patients receive the services they need in a fun environment. Patients look back upon their experiences at the Center with fondness.


About Invisalign

This clear aligner option is becoming increasingly popular. Besides transparency, here are a few more reasons why people today often opt for Invisalign over traditional braces:

  1. It is not necessary to have molds made when using modern braces. Physical molds of the top and the bottom are made when first using the steel braces method. Computer software now makes that practice unnecessary. However, some orthodontists prefer to have a set made in conjunction with software imagery.
  2. The aligners are custom-made. The aligners are made to fit using state-of-the-art machines, and they are trimmed to accommodate for your gum line. This makes them as comfortable as possible. A series of trays are made and used during the course of treatment.
  3. There is no possibility to mess up. Invisalign software maps out how to shift the smile to correct various alignment problems. Also, it does not involve the wearing of headgear at night. That in itself prevents problems because it is actually possible to inadvertently move all of the teeth to the left or to the right if the patient sleeps facing the same direction every night while wearing the headgear.

There is more…

  1. Invisalign technology offers removable trays to make things easy to clean. The ability to remove the trays makes it possible to easily clean both the teeth and the trays. Because of their ease of cleaning, you don’t have to avoid particular foods that quickly damage gnashers. In contrast, steel braces require patients to limit their diet and to use a water pick to flush out food particles.
  2. The trays don’t damage your mouth. Invisalign only requires a few tiny pieces of plastic to be attached to the front or bac, whereas traditional braces require metal brackets to surround every tooth. The metal brackets are sometimes too stressful to handle, causing tiny fractures and/or white marks to form on teeth. Also, miniature cavities can start to form on the sides and under brackets where it impossible to brush.
  3. These aligners are comfortable. No metal protrusions exist that can irritate the tongue.
  4. Invisalign technology works. It may be hard to believe that plastic trays are capable of correcting badly misalignment, but this fashion corrects various types of alignment problems.



About Dr. Adam Schulhof

Dr. Adam Schulhof graduated from college with honors and then went on to learn his specialty in orthodontics. He developed an early interest in lingual braces and became a world-renowned lecturer and trainer of specialists in the area of lingual braces. He also became one of the world’s top Incognito providers. Today, he offers all types of braces.

Services Provided

Braces options offered at The Schulhof Center include Invisalign clear aligners, lingual braces, or traditional braces. The Center utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology to guide treatment. Because of advanced technology and the doctor’s expertise, Dr. Schulhof’s practices are in NJ and NY.


Get started on your journey right away by scheduling your first appointment. Accordingly, you can visit us in person or call 551-231-5323 if you live in New Jersey. New York residents need to dial 212-861-1859. Contact us today to experience the Schulhof Center difference. Invisalign technology is here to stay.

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