3 Sure Fire Ways for Children (to Remain Cavity-Free)

The age of the cavity. Scientists have long since proven that excess sugar can be terrible for teeth. These days, sugar seems to be in everything that you eat and drink. If that wasn’t bad enough for adults, the real danger is to children. Teeth that prematurely lost in children can come at a terrible price. They may develop a speech impediment due to the lack of teeth. It’s even possible that their adult teeth will grow in incorrectly. Protecting your child’s baby teeth is just as important as teaching them good habits for their adult teeth. In this post, we’ll take you through the ways for children to remain cavity-free. Let’s get into it.



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What guidelines should a parent follow to ensure that their kid’s teeth are protected? There can be some conflicting stories about what decisions to make. What can lead to a cavity? and what prevents cavities from forming? What should a parent do if their child’s teeth develop incorrectly? Dr. Adam Schulhof has parental guidance to offer.


Let’s get into it

1. Start Early

As an expert in orthodontics, Dr. Adam Schulhof understands teeth inside and out. As such, he knows that learning good oral habits early is vital to having healthy teeth for the rest of one’s life. As a parent, you should teach your children these good habits as early as you can. Teeth should be brushed twice a day. How early should you start?

You may think that brushing habits shouldn’t be formed until teeth start to emerge. That isn’t the case. Dr. Adam Schulhof suggests beginning as soon as possible. You can run a damp cloth over a baby’s gums even if they don’t have teeth. This will keep bacteria from developing in the mouth. It will also help ensure your baby stays healthy from viruses and bacteria.

Once your baby starts to grow teeth, it’s time to break out the infant toothbrush. You should be gentle when brushing their teeth. The amount of toothpaste that you use should only be about the size of a grain of rice. It’s when the teeth start to touch that you can start flossing the teeth.

Typically, once your child turns two years old, they can start spitting out the toothpaste. It may seem like a good idea to offer them water while they’re spitting but you might actually be encouraging them to swallow the toothpaste instead. Once they’re three years old, you can give them the traditional amount of toothpaste (pea-sized). However, you must continue to supervise kids as they brush their teeth to ensure that they don’t swallow their toothpaste.


2. Visit A Dentist

As an expert in teeth, Dr. Adam Schulhof knows the importance of having kids visit the dentist. Their first dental appointment should occur around their first birthday. Dr. Adam Schulhof can go over proper cavity preventing brushing techniques as well as teach you how to floss your baby’s teeth. In addition, he can provide other parental guidance and inspect your baby’s mouth to ensure that it is healthy.

It’s an excellent idea to visit an office like Dr. Adam Schulhof’s that is experienced with serving kids. They provide fun and relaxing environments to ensure that the kids aren’t nervous. By bringing them early, you can help them grow comfortable and used to visiting a dental office. One of the best aspects that Dr. Adam Schulhof can provide is keeping an eye on the development of tooth decay. If tooth decay is suspected, he can then add topical fluoride to help harden and strengthen the enamel as it grows and develops.


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3. Limit Certain Foods

One of the biggest guidelines that you should follow for healthy teeth is limiting certain foods that your child eats. Clearly, sugary foods should be kept at a minimum. Sugar can quickly rot away teeth. It’s best if you don’t introduce sugar to your child at all.

However, since that’s usually impossible, keeping a firm limit to how many snacks, treats, and sugary drinks that they consume is vital. If your child still consumes a lot of sugar when you’re not looking, you can further help prevent tooth cavity decay by having them brush their teeth after eating those sugary items.

One aspect that many parents don’t consider is the sugar inside of medicines. Because your child’s immune system grows by becoming sick first, they’re going to be ill a lot. To help alleviate their symptoms, you naturally provide them with good-tasting medicine. These medicines are laced with sugar. Since you can’t prevent their intake of that sugar, you should simply have them brush their teeth after drinking the medicine.


Don’t Forget Braces

Dr. Adam Schulhof, besides being an expert in teeth, is also an expert in Lingual Braces. This kind of braces is different from traditional braces in that they are attached to the inside of a child’s teeth rather than the outside. Braces are an important part of oral health. The structure of your teeth can often determine the state of your oral health.

Teeth that are crooked or missing can lead to serious problems later in life. In kids, it can lead to speech problems as well as chewing problems. Teeth that are missing because they’re pushed out due to overcrowding can cause further tooth loss. Since the structure of the mouth relies heavily upon the intricate pressure and forces that the teeth provide against the jawbone, missing teeth disrupts that balance. This can cause the jawbone itself to become weak.

Braces help keep your teeth in place. This can help prevent tooth loss and ensure that the child is able to brush their teeth easily. Lingual Braces provide quite a few advantages over traditional braces. For older kids, braces may be embarrassing to receive. Lingual Braces remove that embarrassment because it hides them from view. Your kids won’t feel out of place or different because their braces aren’t visible for other kids to tease.


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